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          2019 17 Dec

          Conference to learn the lessons of Vancouver

          Dale Bracewell, Manager of Transportation Planning for Vancouver, to speak at Smart Urban Futures

          2019 2 Dec

          New research: Walking and transport in Melbourne suburbs

          Walking is a more important way to get around than you might think

          2019 11 Sep

          Not such a bright idea

          High viz not the answer to older pedestrian deaths

          Lerderderg Gorge walk

          A very pleasant short walk through the bush next to the Lerderderg River, from McKenzie's Flat to Graham's Dam. An excellent walk for children who like to explore.

          Brimbank Park Nature Trail

          Set in very beautiful and picturesque surroundings, Brimbank Park is home to a diverse range of native flora and fauna.

          You Yangs East-West Walk

          A very rewarding two hour walk around Flinders peak in the You Yangs, with great views in all directions. Dogs on lead allowed.